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Our team can assist you in every step of the process from site evaluation to septic design to system installation. Septic plans are designed by the installer with installation procedure considered, which ensures an efficient, cost-effective, hassle-free installation and affords us the ability to stand behind the design as well as the operation of our systems.

Septic System Evaluation Services

Our GSDI certified septic system evaluators can save you time, money and hassle by identifying causes of septic system complications or failures. This is done by utilizing advanced techniques and equipment such as video pipe inspection cameras. Septic evaluation is a must for a real estate purchase involving onsite septic systems.

Here’s what Granite State Designers & Installers say about septic evaluation

The Granite State Septic System Certified Evaluator Program has been developed by the Granite State Designers and Installers Association. The purpose of this voluntary program is to establish a minimum level of standard evaluation procedures by qualified septic system professionals with the goal of producing consistent, objective evaluations in New Hampshire.

Residential and Commercial Septic System Installation  Residential and Commercial Septic System Installers

Why Hire a Certified Septic System Evaluator?

Here in New Hampshire, many unqualified persons are currently conducting septic system evaluations and may be subjecting property owners and prospective property owners to costly/unnecessary septic system repairs or replacements and incorrect diagnosis. This is particularly commonplace during inspections of real estate for possible ownership transfers. There are no universally accepted industry standards or procedures for septic system inspections and no rating/classifying conditions of septic systems.

The Granite State Designers and Installers Association, a statewide professional association established in 1986 comprised of septic system designers, installers and maintenance personnel, has created this Certified Septic System Evaluation Program.

This program ensures that professionals who obtain this designation have a level of knowledge and experience to maintain the high standards of septic evaluation, enabling the program to ensure the goal of producing consistent and objective evaluations here in New Hampshire.

Septic Services:
  • Standard septic system installations
  • Alternative sewage disposal system installations
  • Video camera and pipe locator
  • Certified Presby EnviroSeptic installer
  • NH certified septic installer
  • GSDI certified septic evaluator
  • Granite State Designer and Installer (GSDI) Member